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History of Orense



Oresnse - Médano 40



Orense - Laguna La Forestal



Orense - Punta Desnudez
In the county of Tres Arroyos, to the southeast of the province of Buenos Aires, the population is of Orense, and to very few kilometers of there is the homonymous spa, a youth and rural locus in quo the beach, the dunes of spectacular height and the sea with warm waters they transform it into an ideal place to rest and to relax you feeling the reef of the waves.
To give with this inhospitable region from Capital Federal you should travel a total of 585 km using the Routes Nac. Nº 3 and 228, or the Pciales. Nº 73 and 72 that are in perfect state, except for the last 15 kms that present a road entoscado but under good conditions.
Orense it is possessed beautiful natural attractiveness, a wide and soft semicircular beach that grants all the possibilities to carry out nautical sports, fishing, cavalcades or walks in the atmosphere of singular charm.
Among the places of interest for the tourist stand out the House and Cultural Center of Hurtado, where the office of reports, the bay in Julián's jump works that marks the natural limit with Claromecó (special site to make sport fishing), the dunes 20 and 40 that are dunes of great height forestadas for the first residents, from where beautiful panoramic views are obtained.
Safety pins are the Cristiano Muerto Stream-elected place to make voyages in 4 x 4 for the imposing dunes-and the forest lagoon Huinca-Loo, a spectacular mirror of water of 140 hectares where is carried out pejerrey fishing, dientudo and bagre, or birds watching like swans of black neck, flamingos, storks, blue and ducks.
All the attractiveness of Orense they are intertwined to the nature with the man's hand, offering the opportunity to live and to enjoy a wild place far from the civilization and near the eternal tranquility.

The county of Tres Arroyos sandal the spas of Orense(known geographically as Punta Desnudez), Reta and Claromecó.
Their history goes back behind to few years, when the first tourists, originating of the region, began to install wooden stalls to few meters of the coast.
In 14 November of 1929 were formed the Commission For-spa with the purpose of beginning to organize a tourist center. The first work summed up by the entity the appearance of a road that united with the coast was.
The owners of these lands, were the gentlemen Orlando and Enrique Williams Alzaga.
Almost 20 years after the formation of that commission, in 1948, the Williams Alzaga decided to hire an engineer that projected a spa in its lands.
Three years later, exactly on Sunday April 8 of 1951 at the 14 hours, you came to the realization from the one it finishes off of 228 land lots corresponding to the first loteo of the Spa Prays you for bill and order of Orlando and Enrique Williams Alzaga.
Starting from there, the village began to grow in a more orderly way, although it never lost its great tranquility and the charm of the rural thing in a mark of scarce urbanization.
Francisco's house Hurtado and their family was the first construction of the spa. This property rose by the middle of the decade of the ´30, when not yet at least loteado the lands of the village were had, reason for the one that later on would be amid one of the streets.
In 1992, Hurtado's widow donated the property. From 1993, in this picturesque construction, silent witness of the history of the spa, the Cultural Center works Francisco Hurtado and the office of tourism of the spa.
Young, rural, this beach contributes its matter semicircular design, where the few constructions of the place shelter the main plazoleta.
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