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Iconos de Referencia
Urban walk
It begins from the square San Martin. In front of this, Our church Mrs. of Lourdes. To follow 83 down the street, pedestrian very lively and commercial, until the Ravine.
Walk for the beaches
This next to the Ravine those most converged ones is. The spas, big constructions with restaurants, bars and trade, form an uninterrupted succession of showy and exotic architectural styles.
Walk to the port
It is of a duration half-day, advisable to make of tomorrow and then to eat lunch in a restaurant of the port or to make a picnic in the near beaches.
To beach Arenas Verdes
It visits to a spa where the field and the sea are conjugated .It is a trip of 21 km: 12 of asphalt for the RP88 and 9 km for a local road of earth (entoscado). There is proveeduría, a tree-lined plac...
To the cascades and piscicuitura station
Walk to enjoy the fresh riverside of the river Big Quequén, especially in days in that the wind makes difícultar of the beach. Fishing possibility in fresh water.Circuit of 55 km, for the complete day...
RP227, of Necochea to Tandil
It visits to a picturesque sector of mountains, for alternative route to return to Buenos Aires They are on the way 167 km paved, connecting with RP226. Stations of service in exit of Necochea and ent...
Cultural Activity in Necochea
The city of Necochea has many cultural activities and events along the year.
Adventure Tourism in Necochea
In the proximities of the city of Necochea you consents to several places of characteristic rural. They can visit one another The Grottos to some 10 Kms of the casino.