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Playa marplatense



Casino marplatense de noche



Villa Victoria - Mar del Plata



Museo Municipal de Arte



Volley player en Mar del Plata



Muelle de Pesca en playas céntricas de Mar del Plata



Faroles de la rambla marplatense



Mar del Plata Acuarium





Golf en Mar del Plata



Estatua en Plaza Colón




One of the most important tourist beach centers in the Argentina , the City of Mar del Plata , is beside the Atlantic Ocean and it has 47 Kilometers of coast. It has cliffs, ravines, dunes and extensive beaches. It is, at the same time, an ideal place for those who look for rest and quietness, as well as for those who want bustle and constant amusement. During the high season, Its beaches are populated by a great quantity of tourists.The lagoon of os Padres is a place where nature can be watched. The sun reflects its last beams on the waters during the evening. Its streets are quiet and safe,offering plenty of activities during the day or the night. During the day, there are activities such as trips by jeeps, bicycles or horses. There are sports like parachuting, gliding or flights of baptism.For those who lovew the sea, the jet ski and the windsurf stand out, although sailing by ship or boat are also available. During the night, you can go round pub, discos, casinos and bingos. As regards art, the splendid museum of the city shows the best, there are plays as well as concerts in summer time.


Cultural activities




Sample of Scale models in Miniatures
Exhibition of old trains in miniatures, shows of lights and sound. Located in the railway Station, in Luro avenue and Italia, take the bus 511 and 512 to go there.


Municipal museum of Art Juan Carlos Castagnino
Summer House belonging to the Ortiz Basualdo family, it is an art museum at present. On the first floor, there is an Area of Uses and Customs with original furniture, on the 2° floor it is carried out the permanent exhibition of works of Juan Carlos Castagnino, paintings, drawings and personal objects. Entrance: $2, children under 6 and pensioners $1. On Tuesdays the entrance is free. Located in Colón Avenue 1189, take the bus 592-221 and 581.

Municipal Historical File Museum Don Roberto T. Barili
Open daily from 14 to 18 Hs. It has an exhibition of pictures, historical objects and documents. Entrance $2. Located in Lamadrid 3870, buses 523-524 and 591go there.
Cultural Center Victoria Ocampo Villa Victoria
Open daily from 11 to 19 Hs. Cultural activity is carried out during the whole year through samples, exhibitions, lectures, courses and workshops. Guided visits at 12, 14, 15 and 17 Hs. Located in Matéu 1851. Information calling to the Telephone: 0223- 492-0569. General entrance: $2, pensioners and children under 6 $1
Municipal museum of Natural Sciences Lorenzo Scaglia
Located in Plaza España, in Avenida Libertad and Catamarca. Paleontology samples, geology, ornithology, mastozoología, entomology are exhibited. Arthropods and aquarium. It exhibits a series of existent vertebrates which lived in the area 4 million years ago, a skeleton of tiger "sable teeth" stands out and two dinosaurs from Patagónia. It is open to the public on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 15 to 19.30 Hs. Entrance: adults $2, children from 6 to 12 years old and pensioners $1, children under 6 free.
Museo Municipal "José Hernández"
Se encuentra ubicado en el viejo casco de la Estancia Laguna de los Padres. El museo lleva el nombre de quien fuera huésped de la misma durante 10 años. Durante esos años, conoció las costumbres de los gauchos para crear luego el Martín Fierro. El primer casco de la estancia se construyó en la década de 1880, el actual pertenece a una fecha posterior. Se exhiben atuendos personales y aperos para caballos. Se hace referencia además a la vida y obra de José Hernández. Ubicado en Ruta 226 Km 14,5, en Laguna de los Padres. Informes llamando al Tel: 0223- 463-1394. Se encuentra abierto al público de martes a viernes de 10 a 15 Hs. Sábados y Domingos de 12 a 17 Hs. Para llegar se puede tomar el ómnibus 717, que tiene parada en la ruta a 17 cuadras. Entrada: Mayores $ 2, jubilados y menores de 6 años $ 1.

Reduction Our Lady of Pilar
Located on route 226 Km 14, in Lagoon de Los Padres, it remembers the presence of the Jesuits between 1746 and 1751 beside the Lagoon of The Cabrillas.

Museum of the Man of the Port "Cleto Ciocchini"
Exhibition of works, pictures and documents of the Marplatense Port. Located in Padre Dutto 383, Information calling to the Telephone: 0223-480 1228. Arrive taking the bus 562. It is open to the public from Thursday to Saturday from 15 to 19 Hs. General entrance $2.

Regional Museum "Juan B. Ambrosetti"
In it, old pieces of country use are exposed in the field. San Juan 2543. Entrance is free. Information calling to the telephone: 0223-472-3955


Museum Guillermo Vilas
The Argentine tennis player's belongings are shown in it. It works in the residence Unzué of Casares which dates from 1923 and it is part of the historical cultural Marplatense patrimony. Located in Olavarría 2134, to go take the bus 221 and 581. Entrance with a drink: $5, children $3 and pensioners $2.


Vitto Dumas Museum
Exhibition of nautical elements in Café Makao, Peralta Ramos Marine Boulevard and Carlos Pellegrini. Bus 221 - 581




Municipal sport field Teodoro Bronzini
It has a sport center, velodrome, hockey courts, swimming pool, skate track, athletics track and soccer stadium . It is between the avenues Juan B. Justo, Canosa and de Las Olimpiadas.

Golf in Mar del Plata
This sport was practiced in the city for the first time in 1890 in the dunes of Playa Grande. From then on, the courts occupy outstanding places in the city.Important national and international players were able to develop their skills in the golf courts. One of the championships which takes place in this city is the Open of the South of the ArgentineRepublic whose scenario is the court of the Mar del Plata Golf Club, well-known as the Old court of Playa Grande. The main characteristics of this field of British style are the differences and waves on the land, which present narrow leaned fairways on the hillsides of the land. It has 18 holes. Located on the beach, near the north pier, passing by Playa Grande. The Mar del Plata Golf club "Los Acantilados" is a field of 72 hectares with 18 holes. It is in the south on the road toward Miramar . The court of Golf Sierra de Los Padres, was designed by Engineer Luther Koontz. It was founded in 1959, it reaches the 40 hectares with a journey of 5395 yards where the narrow greens and broken fairways stand out, it is located in Sierra de Los Padres. Finally the Marayuí Country Club, has 9 holes with 18 exits, 18 flags and 122 greens. The journey of this field is of 6433 yards for gentlemen and 5690 yards for ladies, the greens were built following the regulations of the USGA, United States Golf Association. It is toward the road to Miramar .


The more outstanding events of Mar del Plata are:
  • National Festival of the Sea
  • National Festival of the Fishermen
  • International festival of Cinema
  • Great Prize Super Boat of the República Argentina
  • Gold Cup of Golf
  • Gold Cup of Soccer
  • International Seven of Rugby
  • Saman Fallera Marplatense
  • Summer Polo Tournament
  • Tennis Tournament of the South of the Republic
  • International week of Yachting
  • International week of Triatlón
  • The Three Cycling Days of the República Argentina
  • International Rally of Motoring
  • International Surf Competition
National guard of the Sea
The main activity of the National Watch of the Sea is the performance in parades, it has an extensive repertoire of topics of Argentine and Latin American origin. It also offers musical shows in the theaters. Some of the events in which it is presented regularly or has eventually performedy are: the National Fishermen Festival, Inauguration of the Stadium Ciudad de Mar del Plata , International Festival of Cinema, all them held in the coastal city. The National Vintage Festival in Mendoza, the National Snow Festival in Bariloche, the National Tourism Festival in Formosa, the National Festival of the Apple in General Roca, Anniversary of the Mar del Plata City, Ethnic Festival in Berisso, the participation in the Exhibition of Cattle raising and Industry in the Predio Ferial of Palermo and so many others. The constitutional aims of the National Watch of the Sea, which was born in 1969, is to promote the City of Mar del Plata through diverse artistic manifestations. The youths who constituted the Watch along the years, have also carried out social community work, one of the main values is to help the fellow men. At the moment, there are a choreographic group, dancers, musicians and standard-bearer. They amount to 60 members. The choreographic outlines are accompanied by recorded music amplified by teams of high fidelity. Address: 3159 Alsina street . Friends' Association of the National Watch of the Sea: 128 Savio street .
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