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The access to the coast is assured by a dense net vial that includes freeways and for the one that numerous bus companies circulate. In high season there is bigger quantity of rail services and of flights to the main cities.

The leave of Buenos Aires

The freeways with double circulation rail for hand and the toll concession have facilitated the access to numerous towns.

These understand the whole extension of the route 2 between Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata, two tracts of the route 11 Interbalnearia and a sector of the route 226.


In the freeways and in some route it is necessary the toll payment The price varies according to the journey and the distance. It is paid in the stations of the toll (the square) The payment can be made with the money, there are also rails prints rapids for who pays the exact amount. It is also possible to pay with the card of the credit.

About the state of the roads

The National Address of Vialidad informs through the phone number 0800-333-0073 on the conditions of I traffic of the routes national concesionadas.
The information can be obtained in the toll stations.

Emergency in the road

The companies concessionaires of the toll in the routes provide services of attendance.

This attention can be required in the respective toll stations, in the phone posts of emergency to the side of the routes and through certain phone numbers.

By plane toward the beach

Five towns in the region of the coast and the mountains receive regular flights of national air companies that operate from Buenos Aires or they carry out scales there.

The suitable points of interest in the four different itineraries are respectively in near places of the aerodromes or airports of Santa Teresita, Villa Gesell, Mar del Plata, Necochea and Tandil.

In bus to the coast

All the medium and big towns of the region have bus services. Most of they are accessible in direct form from Buenos Aires and from the main cities of the country.

The smallest towns and the neighborhoods far from big cities are connected by local companies of long distance or suburban.

For the long trips

Of the terminal station of bus of Retiro there are buses for all the destinations of Argentina and also for some cities of the neighboring countries.

The comforts of the bus and the prices of the trip vary of agreement with the companies. There are also quick services, with less stopped in route and bus-bed.

The problems in the highway
The freeways and some highways offer mechanic's of attendance services and tow, to the which can have access by means of a cellular telephone or of the telephones for the emergencies. The net price of me help that the most extensive toilet in the country is the one of Club of Argentinean Automobile. To use it duty to be partner.
Formless Station Constitution
In this telephone one can request information about all the rail services that leave the station Constitution (Buenos Aires) toward the destinations of the region. 0800 2228736
Parking in Mar del Plata
In the Mar del Plata downtown, you can park the car in the street using the system of cards.


  How to get there in car to Monte Hermoso  
This located to 630 km. of Buenos Aires, from Buenos Aires. for the national route 3 and then to connect with the provincial route 78.

Bus Transport
Andesmar Faro Recalada y Pedro de Mendoza -
El Cóndor-La Estrella Faro Recalada y Pedro de Mendoza -
Monte Hermoso Terminal de Omnibus -
Plusmar S.A Faro Recalada y Pedro de Mendoza -
Terminal de Omnibus Faro Recalada y Pedro de Mendoza -
Transporte El Villarino Terminal de Omnibus -