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History of the Place







Located on the Atlantic coast, to the south of the county of Buenos Aires, it is a family spa that counts with more than 32 km of wide and beautiful beaches that possess a soft decline toward the sea. Lima to the north with the party of Dorrego and to the west with the party of Colonel of Marina Leonardo Rosebushes, being able to consent to this region through the Route Nac. Nº 3 that then it connects with the Route Pcial. Nº 78, both asphalted and in perfect condition.
Mount Beautiful bill with the particularity of being the only one center domestic spa where the sun is born and he/she puts on on the sea, allowing to the visitor to remain during more time without cones of shades.
To be located in the oriental limit of an area of climatic transition where masses of tropical and polar air converge, the area is windy, prevailing the one
flow of the north sector with a periodic rotation to the Southwest and south.
For this reason the climate during the summery period is pleasant, with maximum temperatures
that the 26º C thanks to that it receives the wind of origin marine call mediate “breeze of the sea”. This geographical location also influences in the temperature of the water, making that it is superior in 5º to that of other centers spas, product of the warm currents that arrive until their costs.
The city it is equipped with a basic but complete tourist infrastructure.
Multiple activities, walks and trips can be developed for the enjoyment of big and boys. The inns and spas of the area offer activities of esparcimiento like beach voley, soccer, disk championships, classes of
aerobics or of sauce, among others. In the coast of they develop nautical activities as yachts, jet ski or windsurf, this last one with great peak in the last years for the appropriate winds that whip the coast, making it ideal for their practice.
The lovers of the fishing can enjoy of an unforgettable day obtaining copies of fish stick, whitings, mere, congers and palometas. If it is opted by the fishing with net they can be obtained cornalitos, anchovies, soles, and the so valuable shrimps and prawns.
Among the most outstanding places to visit in Beautiful Mount are those museums of Natural Sciences and the Naval one, besides the lagoon and beach Sauce Grande, the Saturated Lighthouse and the Walk of the Pinegrove that you can travel walking or also in bicycle, being outdoors the ideal option for one day in contact with the nature.
At night one can enjoy the modern one and wide casino that works with tables of roulettes, black jack and point and banking, with an excellent sweet shop service. Near the city they are been able to know places like Necochea, Bay San Blas, Claromecó, Miramar or it Challenges.
The great extension of Beautiful Mount, the warmth of their waters and the security of its
coast makes of the place the best option, where the family finds the destination appropriate to enjoy the vacations.
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