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Buenos Aires were founded by second time and in definitive form for Juan of Garay, who in the year 1580 made the expedition for near territory to the port. Next to their men it traveled the areas of the Tuyú, Kakel Huincul and Tordillo until reaching the end Currents. To achieve the support of the colonists, Garay established dairies for the livestock breeding, giving lands to the expeditionary ones. Later, the military support was necessary since the dairies suffered the natives' attacks. In the year 1776, with the creation of the Viceroyalty of the River of the Silver, the growing expansion of the establishments of colonists became stronger and more important. They arose this way populations like Baradero, San Antonio of Areco and Parchment among others. With the coming of the Revolution of May, in the year 1810, the agricultural activity was impelled. The stays knew how to have their economic and cultural bloom. In 1820, began Manuel of Sarratea, the first governor of the county politically. The territory had a great extension, toward the west to the Andes , toward the south until the territories of the Patagonia , Tierra del Fuego and the Malvinas. The biggest concern in the rulers was the aboriginal ones. In the year 1823, Dolores was destroyed in an indigenous attack, the governor Martin Rodríguez carried out a military campaign, consenting to Bay Blanca where a strong one, installation that gave origin to the city of Tandil was founded. The delimitation of the territories gave spirits to the farmers to extend in its domains reaching great part of the south of the region, by means of the emphyteusis régime, near lands were acquired to the coast of the ocean Atlantic . The capital of the county is the city of The Silver , certain this way by means of the sanction of The Legislature April 27 1882 . In the año1884 the county loses the territories assigned to The Pampas, Black River , Neuquén, Chubut , Santa Cruz , Tierra del Fuego and Malvinas. In 1887, the parties of Belgrano and Flores they pass to integrate the territory of the federal capital.
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