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Pub Barlovento en Dunamar



Calle de Dunamar en Claromecó
Once crusader the stream Claromecó one is entering in Dunamar.
Although, to administrative reasons, Dunamar doesn't constitute a town, since it doesn't possess postal code neither telediscado, it is quite different to Claromecó.

One of the differences that possesses is geographical, since while Claromecó doesn't possess a lot of vegetation, Dunamar it is totally tree-lined. This causes that the windy days neither they feel when one lives in Dunamar.

Another difference is people that lives there. Queerly, the inhabitants of the area (Tres Arroyos and surroundings) they prefer Claromecó, while the coming tourists mainly of Capital Federal don't doubt and Dunamar chooses. Surely, looking for all that opposed since to what is their life during the winter, if it looks for tranquility, Dunamar looks for.

Everything was born when Ernesto Friolín Gesell, the founder's of Villa brother Gesell and proprietor of the lands in those that today Dunamar is, decided, together with its wife, forestar these inhospitable dunes for then to be able to build some housings. The thing came out very well and people's affluence was immediate. Due to this, gift Gesell is very remembered in Dunamar, to the point that the bridge that unites it with Claromecó, and the main avenue takes its name. In the following picture, we see the avenue Gesell, to which consents crossing the bridge of the same name.

In the last years, Dunamar suffered a re-explosion, due to the installation of many trade and restaurants. Same of them are El Campanil, Barlovento , La Galesa y Don Antonio.

If you of Buenos Aires and it looks for tranquility for their vacations, don't doubt it. Dunamar is its place .

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