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History of the Place
Escudo de Balcarce






Juan Manuel Fangio cinco vece campeón del mundo

The total surface of the party is of 412.000 hectares that it is distributed in floors of agricultural aptitude, cattleman and mixed. The biggest quantity in hectares of cultivation corresponds to wheat, following them sunflower, corn, potato, trenches and linen. The bovine, sheep livestock prevails and in smaller proportion the equine one and the swinish one.
The city of Balcarce is the epicentre of the Southeast area of the County of Buenos Aires.
Their access roads are several and they complete a circuit with the centers bordering and with the distant cities to her, for routes that allow the terrestrial communication without difficulty.
The center of Balcarce is only 4 kmof the crossing of the routes 226 and 55, being this point to 70 km. of Mar del Plata, 105km. of Tandil for route 226 and to 66 km. of Colonel Vidal for route 55. To 30 km. of this crossing, for the one in route to Tandil, it is the route 29, half easier and quicker of access to Buenos Aires.
Lima with the cities of: Lobería to the Southwest, General Pueyrredón and General Alvarado to the southeast, with Ayacucho and Tandil to the northwest and with Ayacucho and Sea Girl to the northeast.

The history of Balcarce is bound through litigations to that of Mar del Plata, in such a way that at the end of the decade of 1860 both towns, divided in decrees were denominated with the nickname of "coastal" for the neighbors of the incipient village formed around the Port of the Lagoon of The Parents and of "mountain" for those that understood that the foundation of a town head of the party that was already denominated Balcarce, should be carried out in the mountainous area.
February of 1874, 10 were approved the planes of Port Balcarce or Port Lagoon of the Parents.
In 1876, those "mountain" they obtain the power to found the Town of San José of Balcarce. Three years later, for the Law Number 1306, the Party of General Pueyrredón is believed that would take lands of Balcarce.
June 20 1877 settle down in Balcarce the Municipality and the Tribunal.
The party of Balcarce was created by the governor's initiative Mariano Saavedra and its formation was of the Tiny division of Sea, Tandil and Lobería.
The foundation of the party of Balcarce was summed up the day August 31 1865 and June of 1876, 22 under a layout approved in 1874, the city was founded.
In October of 1876 it intends for the splendid town on behalf of San José of Balcarce, winner of the Battle of Suipacha and Boss of San Martin's Army in Chile. Later on, the Honorable Deliberative Council declared valid two denominations: "Balcarce" and "San José of Balcarce."
It stands out for their agricultural wealth and capable lands for potato's siembra, corn, wheat, sunflower, etc.

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