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Bahía Blanca to Sierra de la Ventana


























Walk for the area of higher mountains of the province of Buenos Aires, traditional place of vacations, of pleasant climate in summer and with a very rigorous winter.

They are 124 km of good road paved until the village of vacations Sierra de la Ventana where there are stations of service in the route, except for the short trip Tornquist to Sierra de la Ventana. There is possibility to eat lunch and to house in hostel The Mirador or in the town Sierra de la Ventana. With toll in RN33.
From Bahía Blanca, km 0, to continue for RN 33 that it unites Bahía Blanca with Rosario and it is the great front western north/south from Buenos Aires, crossing fields of old dunes covered with pastizales. It will see to their right the silhouette of the mountains, more and more clear.
In the km 70, by hand left, comes out an on the way to earth in address to Chasicó. They are 27 km until Fort Argentinean.

Fort Argentinean (MHN)


It possesses an access on the right side of the road, inside the stay of the same name; to visit him it is imperative to have their proprietors' authorization. It was built in 1872 next to the stream Sauce Chico, place for where it passed the famous one on the way to the Chileans. It was point in passing of the Gutter of Alsina that was prolonged until Italó, Córdoba, and of which rakes can still be appreciated in the proximities. The original building is part of the helmet and it has suffered several modifications through the times, but walls of brick of 60 cm of thickness, windows and put bars on doors and a tower for the masthead position they still maintain its character of fort.
Continuing 18 km for this road, it will arrive at the town of Chasicó; from there, for an on the way to earth toward the south, they are 4 km until stay Don Natalio. Inside her it will visit the Archaeological Museum of Chasicó, of private property, with rich collection of utensils and other remains of cultures previous to the colonization of the region. Returning from this deviation to the crossing of RN33, (km 70) by hand right is the entrance to Tornquist




It is a small city, head of the party of the same name. Baptized in honor of Ernesto Tornquist, of certain gravitation in the development of this region, the city grew next to the station of the railroad. Arrive to the square, which possesses beautiful gardens and a picturesque artificial lake; in front of her, the small and attractive Church and Parish Santa Rosa from Lima, built in stone and not donated by Ernesto Tornquist who favored this place for their location instead of building it next to the helmet of their stay, far from the city, with a beautiful castle, still in their descendants' hands. The chapel is replica of that of the castle of Amboise in the valley of Loire, France.
To leave for Av. Moreno in address to RP76, to the one that you arrive in km 80. To turn for this to the right; and from here, the road crosses the cord of the Sierra de la Ventana traversely.
In the km 100 the route Ernesto enters in the Provincial Natural Park Tornquist (explained in detail in Walk To the provincial park Erenesto Tornquist) and the access is in the same point, to the left, to Hostel The Mirador, with restaurant and house of tea in warm wooden construction and straw roof. To 500 m later, among forest of cedars, pines and eucaliptus, it is by hand the access left to the Camp it Bases.
Then, to their left, itwill have a panoramic view of the Hill La Ventana , being able to sight the famous hole at first sight in the rock that gives name to the whole system.
In the km 103 will go by the most narrow point of the one it Abra de la Ventana and, 3 km later on, to the left, the access to the facilities of the Provincial Park (explained in detail in Walk To the provincial park Erenesto Tornquist).

When crossing the stream El Loro, in the km 111, to the right. the access to the Villa Ventana (to see Walks Villa Ventana). small and recent residential village surrounded by hills and forests.
Starting from here the road offers a good panoramic of the hill Three Picks that is the highest in the whole system with 1.246 m and also of the whole pampas.
In the km 116 are a bifurcation of the road; to the left RP76 continues toward Olavarría and to the right, the RP72 is.
To take this last one, for arrive in km 128 to Sierra de la Ventana.

Sierra de la Ventana

This town that is the most important tourist center in the area, surrounded by the streams Sauce Grande , Negro and San Bernardo, with spas, campings and places for short walks on foot.


That to know in a visit


Among for Av. San Martin, the main street and final AI of this, after a round, next to the picturesque train station, for the crossing at level you consents to the Neighborhood Park Golf, the sector more residential of the village. By hand right after the crossing Ilegará, 600 m later on, until the beautifully forestado Sierra Golf Club, with court of 18 holes and even 72. It will find the sweet shop here The Mirador, from where good panoramics of the mountain are had and also the silhouette of the castle, beautiful helmet of the neighboring stay The Retiro is sighted, surrounded of parks.
Toward the left of the step at level already aforementioned, it will arrive to a small bridge on the stream Sauce Grande; crossing it you consents to Villa Arcadia, also of character residential. Next to the bridge and to the stream there are small groups of sallows, one of them surprisingly hollowed in all the height of their trunk.
You continues for this street next to the railroad until, to the 400 m, to the left, a low weight the roads Ileva where it is the Chapel of the town denominated Chapel of Villa Arcadia, the same one this surrounded by a grove and fifths, in a place of great tranquility. If you carries out the walk on foot it can return going up the embankment of the railroad and to walk for the road, crossing for the nice rail bridge on the stream. In Villa Arcadia, walking until the street end Lines (among aguaribayes, oaks and cypresses) it will arrive to Ymcapolis, the very old camping site and place of vacations of the Christian Association of Young, with an important building to house partners that it dates of 1907; it possesses on the riverbank of the Black stream a beautiful and old grove made up of cedars, magnolias, oaks, pines and cypresses with excellent facilities to camp and a small spa next to the stream, which unites there to the stream Big Sallow, with pleasant views and spaces of a lot of shade.
The camping site elements are given by the own administration of YMCA and the place also receives non partners.

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