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An experience under the water in Las Grutas
Many visitors will keep the memory of The Grottos like the locus in quo for the first time they took a risk to live the intense submarine world. And they could not choose better.

The waters of this area of the Atlantic are warm and transparent, and the instructor avezados also makes that the whole trip is a great experience.

This adventure can carry out in all the times of the year, keeping in mind the temperature of the water. In September, October and November the temperature average of the waters oscillates between 13ºC and 15ºC, and in the summery season among 22ºC 25ºC.

With winds of the northwest the visibility is bigger. In the spring and until ends of the summer the attractiveness is more intense, because it is the moment in that the flotation of algae begins, it is the period of reproduction and it raises of the different species, and the show for the eyes it is majestic. The visibility depends in great measure of the wind. With winds of the nororeste it is bigger, with strong winds of the quadrant South-south West it cannot be carried out the activity. It fits to clarify that the predominant winds in the area come western and Northwest. The visibility varies according to the months of the year between 2 and 12 meters. The months of more visibility they correspond those of the autumn-winter. In spring and until ends of the summer decreases the visibility although, like it was said before, it is the most attractive time to carry out it.

Bay San Antonio

It is the elected place for their characteristics of transparent and warm waters. In the natural reefs of the area it can be a great variety of submarine life composed by fish, mollusks, crustaceans, marine algae, sargos, mere, salmon, Turks, drivers, blénidos, sea chanchitos, fish needle, crab hermit, you saw, mussels, cholgas, clams, oysters, octopi, crabs, stars and sea merry-go-rounds on an unique natural standby place. They can also be sighted in this place sea wolves, dolphins of gray loin, toninas, orcas and whales... Here they can complete their dream those that miss to know these big cetaceans in their own means.

The months of autumn-winter are those of more visibility to carry out the trip. , there are different places in the surroundings to practice this activity

Submarine park The Grottos
It is a natural rocky formation, with an extension of more than 100 mts. of caves and parallel flagstones to the line of the coast. In this place they are carried out Submarine Baptisms
Beach Orengo
On the one on the way to the Costa, specially suitable for sport plungers, brevetados or experts. The trips consist on immersions between 10 and 15 meters deep.
The Island of The Mussels
It is a place very visited by the great flora concentration and fauna, the Bank of Clams like likewise the Port of Overseas is places frequented by more experienced plungers.
Diving in Apnea

This diving form is carried out without supply of air, that is to say with snorkel. Those This area is an ideal place for the realization of the same one for the characteristics environmental, low depth in spaces intermareales with tide mediates and great variety of submarine fauna in the same one.

San Antonio West has a group of professional plungers who carry out different activities during the whole year.

  • Extraction of shellfish (controlled by the Institute of Biology Marina)
  • Background removal, inspect subacuáticas of helixes, helmet and helm, I eat the maintenance of jetties likewise.
  • Aided trips for tourists' groups and sportsmen.

In all the cases, is carried out with the qualification of Naval Prefecture Argentina who is the one that governs and it controls the respective regulations to the activity.

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