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Nautical Activities









The particular beauty of the lakes nailed in the Argentina or the extensive sea of their Atlantic coast, offers the ideal frame for practices it of nautical sports where the speed that is developed in the water can wake up great adrenalin unloadings and pure vertigo.
This icon contemplates to the floated nautical activities related to, canotaje, kayak, surf and windsurf .
Each one of these specialties presents unique qualities that captivate the people whom they like navigation.
Surf is a very complete sport, forces to train, is intriguing, exciting, exhausting and breaks with the activities that can be done in earth.
For the kayakismo one requires cold blood and steel nerves. The people who practice kayak experience a point of contact between the ability to maneuver their boat between dangerous rivers and the implacable aggressiveness of the water that between its expresses on approval puts the weather of the intrepid ones.
Windsurf is the perfect combination between surf and the boats of candle being its result a magnificent aquatic sport. In its principles the objective of this sport was to be transferred at high speeds by the surface of the sea, river or lake, but in last the years it has given a turn different taking from this specialty to the end, when the windsurfistas take advantage of the speed that gives the patagonic wind them to use the waves like inclines and to carry out all type of tricks.
If you decide to begin in some of these activities we recommended to you that you carry out the different excursions with specialized guides so that they orient to you, or to take courses that will help you to know the secrets, difficulties and safety measures of each one of them.

This is one of the sensations more complete than the human being can feel. Through the diving the man could cross the bottom of the sea, to know a world submarine world to caress fish and to visit legendary shipwrecks, feeling completely surely and adapted to hydric means.
In order to develop this activity he requires himself to have a great physical state, neither a defined style of swimming, only coarse with learning or the technical aspects of the diving to make a calm and comfortable immersion.
Before taking a course from diving we recommended that baptism . is made previous in open or closed waters, to be totally safe that it is desired to learn to dive.
This sport helps to leave the daily thing, to fight stress and to know everything a universe that escapes of the reach of the senses, therefore arrived the hour to at heart make reality the dreams of the sea .

Diving in Mar del Plata Mar del Plata
During our stay in -Mar del Plata , we tried to rediscover the city from all possible perspectives, and thus have a more complete idea of its tourist potential
Diving in Puerto Madryn Puerto Madryn
At 1450km. of Buenos Aires it is the city of Port Madryn, access hall door to Valdés' Peninsula. Port Madryn is par excellence the Capital of the Diving and Capital Subacuática Argentina. Their waters...
Snorkeling in Puerto Madryn Puerto Madryn
The multiplicity of spaces presented by the city of Puerto Madryn to do extreme sports or alternative touristic activities make of this city a most favourite place for the development of all these new...
Between Dorados and yacares Mercedes
The tidelands of the Iberá in Corrientes are one of the less polluted biodiversity reservations of the world it is also scenario for an unlosable and singular immersion. The waters are clear and has a...
Diving in Viedma Viedma
From the city of Viedma you can go on a diving outing, in an unusual place to practise this sport.
Diving in Isla de las Gallinas San C. de Bariloche
Under the transparent waters of the Lake Nahuel Huapi is possible to carry out immersions among submerged forests, and big walls of calcareous rocks.
An experience under the water in Las Grutas Las Grutas
Many visitors will keep the memory of The Grottos like the locus in quo for the first time they took a risk to live the intense submarine world. And they could not choose better.
Diving in the end of the world Ushuaia
Ushuaia offers the possibility to dive in its crystalline waters in the middle of a quiet and colorful landscape.
Monte Cervantes shipwreck Ushuaia
An attractive diving spot is Monte Cervantes Shipwreck the maximum star of the Beagle Channel, discovered only some years ago.
A voyage in canoe for the Tigre Delta
Remus in hand, is easy to feel an ona. A group of friends manufactures these primitive crafts handmadely and the walks are made by streams little frequented
Navigating by Upsala Galcier and Onelli Bay El Calafate
In Los Glaciares National Park, you can go on an excursion combining a lake outing, a 4x4 vehicle drive, hiking or horse riding, sightseeing and tasting regional dishes on your visit to Upsala Glacier...
Sailing in Brazo Rico in Lake Argentino El Calafate
This trip allows to appreciate the floes coming from the walls of the glacier Perito Moreno and to arrive to the south of the one Canal de los Témpanos .
Surf practice in Playa Union Playa Union
One of the most popular sports in this beach for more than ten years has been surfing, as well as windsurfing, due to its climatic and physical characteristics.
Diving in Lácar Lake San Martín de los Andes
The lovers of the diving of height find in the lake Lácar the best conditions to carry out this activity in the Patagonia. Besides being a beautiful lake located in the mountain, has more than 25 plac...
Diving in Submerged forest and Grotto of the Virgin Villa La Angostura
This trip leaves of the jetty of the Villa navigating toward the base of the Mirador of the Traful, where you will be able to appreciate the magnitude of the eolic action and the imponencia of the pla...
Kayaks and Windsurf in Puerto Madryn Puerto Madryn
The multiplicity of spaces presented by the city of Puerto Madryn to do extreme sports or alternative touristic activities make of this city a most favourite place for the development of all these new...
Navigating for the river Pykysyry Formosa
The intense green of Formosa woke up us in a new morning. For that day we had planned to carry out a sailing in boat for some of the multiple riachos that end in the river Paraguay, and this way to be...
Traveling Formosa in canoe Formosa
It is one of the most original options of knowing Formosa it is to travel their tidelands, reservations, rivers and streams in canoe. Adventure tourism in their thorny territory
Kayaking along the Paraná River Rosario
Kayaking along the high delta of the Paraná River, we let ourselves be seduced by the scenery of the islands located opposite the city. We visited an ecosystem with a biodiversity unique in the countr...
Kayak and Rafting in Aluminé Aluminé
We live an adventure day and adrenaline in the river Ruca Choroi practicing kayak and rafting
Carrying out is kayak in Ría Deseado Ría Deseado
During navigation in Ría Deseado Natural Reserve you can watch dolphins and disembark in the colony of Magellan Penguins in Isla de los Pájaros.
Navigating on the waters of the Channel of Beagle Ushuaia
To navigate for the channel Beagle can be the strong plate from an entire day of visit to Ushuaia, mainly in autumn, time in that the most southern city in the world and their surroundings offer from ...
Sailing in catamaran on the Gualeguaychú River Gualeguaychú
Sailing on the Gualeguaychú River. A change of perspective. A moment of beholding. A space to relax. A trip along places where the past comes to life.
Navigation along the Paraná River to the Iguazú Falls Posadas
An unforgettable experience going upstream the Paraná River. A modern craft transports the members of the expedition to the most exuberant areas of the Misiones rain forests.
Navigating for the Riachuelo La Boca
During an amusing turn of an hour and a half, the ship Ciudad de la Fe shows the less well-known face of the Riachuelo. The Cemetery of Ships in front of Barracas, the infamables Basin and Dock South....
Buenos Aires on a sailing boat Puerto Madero
The Yacth Club keeps in her interiors a fascinating world of sailors, legends. A visit to this shelter for sailing boats us to set sail across the widest river in the world on board the sailing boat c...
Staten Island Expedition Cruise Ushuaia
A four-day voyage on a polar vessel to this ecological and historical treasure, which inspired Jules Verne for his novel The Lighthouse at the End of the World . An unforgettable expedition.
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