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Ala delta in Tucumán


















To 25 Km . of the capital tucumana, from the high of the Hill San Javier is carried out this type of experience that he leaves fascinated and amazed to who cheers up to carry out it.


In remote stories as those of the Greek mythology with Dédalo and Ícaro, going by Leonardo's vision Gives Vinci, until the feat of the siblings Wright, the men had the ancestral illusion of flying. Now to scarce kilometers of San Miguel of Tucumán one has the opportunity to fulfill part from that dream when carrying out a flight in ala delta.

To carry out flights biplaza in aladelta we will have to contact ourselves with the Agency of Tourism Tucumán it Risks that takes charge of coordinating with the lenders of the specialty the days of flights, so that you enjoy to the maximum of the day, without you have to wait too much between flight and flight.

From the Square Independence we will leave with west for the continuation of the Av. Aconquija, until intercepting the R. P Nº 34 to bend toward the right heading for the summer village.

The defiant take off ramp will be waiting for us in the summit of the hill beside the Hostel Club Sun. While the instructor begins to arm the wing we will contemplate the beautiful panoramic view that he promises in the flight.

From the hill one has an excellent view of sembradíos of cane of sugar and citrus plantations, besides the leafy wild vegetation characteristic of San Javier.

"Paco Castro", the monitor of the specialty, will explain to us the parts that compose the aladelta and the half-filled of security that it possesses. We will put on the harness, the helmet, the eyeglasses and for that then everything will be translated in adrenaline.

Scarce minutes they separate us of being suspended in the air. We learn the race for the take off and we practice the "it hangs" with the still aladelta.

All clever one. The regressive bill begins and there is no longer time for regrets. The throbs accelerate. With Paco we put on in position. We breathe deep and to run I never eat.

Spectacular! Almost without realizing we are flying. To feel the breeze of the air that caresses our face is an indescribable sensation. Everything is appeased, the movements are light so that we win trust.

Paco Castro, a real professional, explains to us like one makes to veer toward the right, or the left. We feel the thermal ones in the body and we begin to understand the sensation of the full freedom.

We will be flying to more than 1300 m .s.n.m. and below we discover a different Tucumán, from the air. we see San Javier's intense green, of Good Herb, to the capital almost silent tucumana and in the distance we discover the roads of Old Tafí and the summits calchaquíes.

After being suspended 20 minutes and of having traveled 4 Km . approximately we will begin the turn toward the landing place.

A different sensation. To play floor it is necessary to acquire speed, since the descent is made to the level of the floor. We will lower to such an extent that it seems that we will collide with the earth. The wheels of 50 cm . of diameter seem to be left the trapeze of the aladelta as they rotate for the field of the happiness.

"Masterful landing" - Paco Castro says. The reactions after the descent are usually several, but the most usual is to remain looking at the sky of where we came. Happiness and satisfaction at the moment lived it will be the sensation that you will conserve forever.

Once again we will have checked how the man's hand in conjunction with the nature can fulfill the humanity's more remote nostalgias - to conquer the skies.

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