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Flying on Río Gallegos






From Río Gallegos you will be able to undertake an one an a half hour adventure flying over the region in an airplane Cessna, crossing the steppe patagónica, areas of volcanos and Magellan's Strait where you will pass to be part of the sky patagónico.


To make this class of trips you will hire the services in one of the operators of tourism of the region who will explain to you all that you will need to carry out this interesting itinerary.

They will happen to you to look for for the place that you indicate and quickly you will go toward the local Airport, of where they leave this class of flights type charter.

Once in the air we recommend you that you relax yourself and enjoy the landscapes that you will begin to sight from the heights. The first thing that you will reach to see is the Galician creek of River, with their attractive geography and with the fishing ships that furrow it. In few minutes, the airplane will move away from the place heading for the area of volcanos located in the border area with the neighboring country.

You will fly on the mythical volcano that harbors in their crater to the Blue Lagoon with their intense indigo color. You will see the formations of lava that will have given bill of their volcanic activity for about 10.000 years.

The formation of the volcano is not known that will be flying over, neither the origin neither the depth of the water that it forms its lagoon in the interior. Some geologists sustain that it is a "Eye of water of the Pacific", others consider that it is impossible for the distance. The reality indicates that it still continues being a mystery.

After flying over this strange natural phenomenon, you will continue parallel to the costs of Magellan's Strait where you will sight to the pingüinera and the Lighthouse of End Virgins that it will indicate you that you will be on the oriental part of the strait.

You will cross high cliffs that it forms the steppe patagónica when leaning back on the sea, you will appreciate the foam from the waves when breaking on the beach of smooth song, and for that then everything will be view.

The pilots that carry out these flights, possess a vast experience of the winds that cross the region, besides knowing the characteristics, histories and antecedents of the elected destination.

Finally you will fly on Tip Loyola that is the outlet of the biggest creek in the world, and you will undertake the return toward Río Gallegos.

When culminating the flight you will be enthralled by the magnificent show that you will have lived. We recommend you to carry out this class of walks where you will discover a new perspective of the Southern Patagonia .

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