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Windcars in Rada Tilly













The lovers of the Carrovelismo or Windcars, have the opportunity to carry out this sport better in one of the beaches adapted of the country, when you visit the Villa Bay Tilly


Pharaon Amenembat II of the XII dynasty (2000 B.C.) was the precursor of this means of locomotion with wind carriages, which was used to transport troops. As a sportive activity, we owe it to a Belgian who, motivated by the speed developed by the wind, started to design different windcars.

Windcar lovers have the opportunity to practise this sport in one of the best adapted beaches in the country when you visit Rada Tilly beach.

Leaving from Comodoro Rivadavia along National Route N º 3 you will find Rada Tilly 17 km . to the south. You can drive to the coast and prepare the equipment for an intensive journey.

These 3 km . long beaches with a width between 400 and 600 meters during the low tide together with the constant winds in the region are ideal for the displacement of windcars.

This spectacle is not only enjoyed by the people who practise this sport but also by observers who watch in astonisment the speed developed by these vehicles.

These cars have three pneumatic wheels and a sail which requires a skillful conductor, since they reach a speed of 180 km/h on the sand.

Windcars in this area run all year round, being the best months from October to January, when the wind is stronger.

The category used in Argentina is F3, with 3 meters gauge and 7.35 meters sail.

In Rada Tilly you can enjoy windcar driving with the typical Patagonian wind on the humid sand with cliffs to the north and the south circumscribing the village.

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