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Aereal Activities


Between the aerial activities that stand out within the adventure tourism are practices it of parapente , of aladelta and the flights in gliders .

These sports or pastimes have since purpose of making reality that species of ancestral dream fly .
The parapente and aladelta practice when taking off of a mountain, taking advantage of the wind currents that raise by their slopes to glide and to ascend, obtaining flights long play.
For the landing it is required of a relatively small space, thanks to the loss or medium speed of these flight.
In order to make a stroll in glider generally one is due to go towards a Flying club and to contract the services of some tourist operator who offers this class of excursions.

It is important to pay much attention to which they indicate the guides of each activity and that way to obtain assured diversion .

Euphoria and silence parachuting in Lobos Lobos
To only 100 kilometers of Buenos Aires , in the town of Lobos , it is CEPA, a paracaidismo school that is the ideal place for the addicts to the adrenaline.
Flying in helicopter over Buenos Aires Puerto Madero
A different and blinding form of knowing a city that is conformed by imposing buildings, monuments, parks and a great mirror of water like it is the Rio de la Plata .
Windcars in Rada Tilly Comodoro Rivadavia
The lovers of the Carrovelismo or Windcars, have the opportunity to carry out this sport better in one of the beaches adapted of the country, when you visit the Villa Bay Tilly
Flying in paragliding in Famatina La Rioja
To two hundred kilometers of the city of The Rioja , Famatina is, one of the best places in the county to make reality the yearning to fly imitating the art of the birds.
Flying sports in Aluminé and Villa Pehueina Aluminé
Aluminé together with Villa Pehuenia form a natural environment surrounded by several water surfaces of glacial origin, each one of them accompanied by an exhuberant vegetation of the subantarctic for...
Paragliding in Chapelco foothills San Martín de los Andes
In San Marín de los Andes one could make reality the flight in parapente in the hill of Chapelco
Flying on Río Gallegos Río Gallegos
From Río Gallegos you will be able to undertake an one an a half hour adventure flying over the region in an airplane Cessna, crossing the steppe patagónica, areas of volcanos and Magellan's Strait wh...
Ala delta in Tucumán Tucumán
To 25 Km . of the capital tucumana, from the high of the Hill San Javier is carried out this type of experience that he leaves fascinated and amazed to who cheers up to carry out it.
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