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Flying in helicopter over Buenos Aires


A different and blinding form of knowing a city that is conformed by imposing buildings, monuments, parks and a great mirror of water like it is the Rio de la Plata .


Prepare their photographic camera and provide you of several rolls of pictures. See only envelope the Buenos Aires city they will make us shoot a clicks numberless.

In the south terminal of the Aeroparque (Sarmiento and Lugones) an experienced pilot waits for us to go aboard in a helicopter Robinson 44 with capacity for 3 people and his commandant. A soft and pleasant flight, in an open and celestial sky, will take us to know the Buenos Aires roofs.

In the take off, in first instance the helicopter will show us to the Aeroparque with its hangars and parked airplanes. Then the Railroad Mitre will appear in miniature, like a great scale model with its toy trains. Orange tennis courts, greens waters of the lake The Rosedal, the wide plains of the race track and the pole courts, the circular Planetarium, the Monument to the Spaniards dividing the traffic of the Liberator's avenues and Sarmiento, the roads of the Zoological one of Buenos Aires, and the attractive bridges of the Japanese Garden, they conform a view not very common of the Forests of Palermo.

Later on, with south direction, flying to about 200 kilometers per hour and to about 150 meters high, after passing above the neighborhood of the Recoleta, we arrive to the height of the 9 of Julio. Here the pilot interrupts some instants his direction to be able to appreciate with more thoroughness the avenue and his particular Shaft, there in the distance.

Continuing the march waits for us the neighborhood of Retiro, with their matter it Toasts of the Englishmen, surrounded by the rail stations and the Hotel Sheraton.

Later on, already in Port Maderor, new and luxurious buildings decorate this area that one decade behind was almost abandoned.

Lifting the view, we observe the Rio de la Plata taking a bath the murallones of the port and of the Reservation Ecological Coastal South.

Continuing the flight arrives to the popular neighborhood of La Boca. The blue and yellow tribunes of the La bombonera (Chocolate box) (stadium of the club Boca Junior), the traditional walk El caminito, the black Riacuelo and the bridges that cross it to link the Capital with the neighborhoods of the Great Buenos Aires, are the most distant points that we will see in the walk.

Here the ship will deviate its direction to return to Aeroparque. To our left, we will see the Casa Rosada and the Square of May , the modern buildings of Catalinas, the Square San Martin and the monument to the deads in Malvinas.

Before landing, the Recoleta, with its classic cemetery and its wide parks. A soft and gradual descent will pose us again on the south platform of the Metropolitan Aeroparque.

This is one of the several helitour that can be hired in the city of Buenos Aires .


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