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Flying in paragliding in Famatina






















To two hundred kilometers of the city of The Rioja , Famatina is, one of the best places in the county to make reality the yearning to fly imitating the art of the birds.


Camel Waidatt is instructor of paragliding in Cuesta Vieja, located at half hour of the city of Chili . It begins the preparations for our flight and it drives while the companion, callow previous, it is limited to enjoy the landscape.

After to adjust the harness well and to place us the helmet, we stay awaiting an appropriate wind to rush on the cliff.

At the beginning we try to advance on the abyss with the extended candle, but the wind pushes us it stops behind with all its force. The take off is in kind of a very big venturí, this means that to the left and the right we have mountainous cords, being formed a street for where the wind moves with more speed.

To the third intent we are able to give in the blasts and before arriving to the cliff we feel a tug up. We are already flying. Suddenly we have been floating in the air, with the feet rocking you smoothly to six hundred meters high. We fly above the mountains amid an absolute silence, and when looking down it is discovered that the vegetation has become tiny green points.

At the beginning, we don't go neither it stops behind neither it stops ahead; the instructor is studying the thermal and dynamic, - those warm currents that populate the hole and that they allow to stay in the air. It cannot refuse that the awake experience certain fear, mainly if we think that our lives loll of some threads very resistant finos.pero.

The tension gives when we discover that the flight is very loosened and to little speed.

Past the initial fright, Camel makes that the paragliding begins to advance and to give long turns in "U". A wind zonda is good to charge height and we begin to travel, from all the angles, a valley contained mountains between two.

The look from this air perspective is completely different to any other one. Leave the

Sierra of the Velasco and a thread that it crosses the whole Valley infinitely: it is the famous route 40, the longest in the country. Amid the valley that gives origin to numerous thermal, the pilot's ability plays an important paper to be able to stay suspended in the air by more time.

During the flight one can converse peacefully. The instructor comments that it Costs Old it is the name with which one knows the take off area, discovered in 1996. The name is due to a hill for the step of horses for where, years behind, the chasqui of the country that the city of Famatina traveled to the town of Antinaco happened, distant to forty kilometers.

The take off place has about a thousand five hundred fifty meters on the level of the sea. Its height with regard to the Valley of Antinaco is of six hundred meters and it is guided toward the east, that which allows to become unstuck, to win height and to travel without difficulties.

Some condor sometimes sinks to the same one thermal for the one that a paragliding rises,

being located to scarce twenty distance meters. To the stocking hour we decide to return to the same one salient of the one that we had left promising us to return the following afternoon to carry out a night exit.

Nocturne fly
At dusk we dared to carry out a night flight. With the last sunbeams behind the Hill Famatina, and a wind of thirty kilometers per hour, we are able to ascend up to nine hundred meters on the valley. We fly around forty five minutes. To that height the shine of the stars and the illumination of the moon lit with clarity the edge of the mountains.

The experience of flying at night is significantly different to the previous one, since due to the absence of thermal the flights are softer. That yes, it is necessary to calculate the transitions well - changes in the address of the wind - since there is not thermal to be sustained.

Our goal was to fly until the midnight, but as the heat of the air it was not enough to stay floating, we decide to undertake the landing before some hours.

Amid the desert, the gleam of the stars and an infinite silence, they were our only company, and when everything had finished it invaded us a strange ecstasy: the sensation of some hung instants of a moonbeam having been.
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