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Riding in 4x4 in Pinamar














Several they are the attractions that the travelers that their days of rest pass in Pinamar enjoy, but there is one that doesn't only catch the attention, but rather it shoots people's fantasy: it is the voyages with vehicles 4 x 4.

Every summer, and during the winter holidays too, fans of four wheel traction vehicles gather at Av. Bunge and Av. del Mar to show their driving skills on the steep Pinamar dunes.

This adventure, organized by the people from 4 x 4 Sin Límites Aventura Extrema, summons entire families, couples, friends and lonely people, all of them willing to experiment boldness behind the wheel.

In addition to being expert drivers, the organizers are instructors. Therefore, they know exactly how to give advice to those who join this adventure. Their thorough indications allow tourists drive safely and without risk, taking care of ecology and protecting nature. In such sense, it is important to point out that there has never been an accident during the time they have been performing this kind of activities.

Many participants do not have experience and take advantage of this opportunity to learn.

Those who do have some know-how of the subject, boast with their stories generating admiration and surprise in their audience.

When the ride begins, the off road vehicles leave heading northwards. They go along paths, pine forests and end in the dunes, where the adrenaline charge blows up in unsurpassable emotion due to the majestic places they come across, most of them unknown.

During the first stage, they go along the dunes valleys, until the organizing pilots notice that the people are starting to feel confident. Just then, they stop to tell everybody that, from that point onwards, they are going to climb large dunes, till they get to some dunes which height reach 50 meters or more, depending on the level of confidence and assurance of the participants.

The experience is singular and unforgettable. The vehicles stop at the top of the dunes to watch all the beauty of the horizon. Everybody is amazed at understanding the fantastic epic that man went through to stabilize the dunes that form present-day Pinamar.

The duration of the trip depends on the demand of the participants, who usually ask help from the expert pilots.

The vehicles from 4 x 4 Sin Límites have rescue equipments and highly sophisticated satellite navigation systems, which permit to continue with the adventure even if it rains heavily or there is any other unexpected weather contingency, as the routes are recorded in their GPS (satellite navigators). In this way, they go along the safest areas and no outing is canceled because of bad weather.

F urthermore, the pilots are intercommunicated by high power radio equipments. This allows them to know what happens during the whole trip, giving support and assisting any excursionist that might have any inconvenience.

During the return, people comment enthusiastically on the experience they have just lived, and the drivers strengthen their skills and prove to be sublime pilots.

Back on the starting point, everybody dives in a camaraderie hug. The new friends interchange personal information to continue with the relationship. Excitement of good-bye is crowned by spontaneous applause of the participants in gratitude to the pilots that let them confirm that the experience was even more extraordinary than what they could have ever imagined.
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