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Tourism in 4 x4

The exiting trips in 4 x 4, and amusing walks in 4 tracs with intense challenges of different specialties in Argentinean floor, they will capture your senses feeling in all moment the happiness of to know and to enjoy a way different from the nature in their purer state.

In most of the cases, these trips should be hired to guides experts that are devoted of full to the activity that you this about to carry out, although it is also possible to make some of these walks in an independent way, if it is had all the teams to develop to conscience the specialty.

Enter here and knows the different ways of conceiving the adventure.

Trip for the valley of the Comechingones Embalse
In this voyage 94 km of mountain that will unite us the city Berrotarán which is to 130 km to the south of the city of capital Córdoba in the Province of Córdoba with the village of Merlo in Province ...
Adventure in 4x4 in the Puesto Pavón La Cumbre
Located to 31 km of La Cumbre, in the Sierras Chicas, the position of Pavón, is an old ranch and it constitutes the ideal place for voyages in 4 x 4 and trekking activities and mountaineering.
4 x 4 vehicle excursion to the Querandí Lighthouse Villa Gesell
Arriving for the beach, in vehicle of double traction, programmed in groups, with walks between enormous dunes and the sea. Duration 4 h.
Riding in 4x4 in Pinamar Pinamar
Several they are the attractions that the travelers that their days of rest pass in Pinamar enjoy, but there is one that doesn't only catch the attention, but rather it shoots people's fantasy: it is ...
Four Trax in Pinamar Pinamar
During the summer pinamarense, besides enjoying their beaches, of the gastronomy and of their moved night, they can be carried out sole rights exits in cuatriciclo that you leave rapt and amazed to th...
Patagonian challenge in 4x4 Comodoro Rivadavia
In Rada Tilly village, 17 km. from the center of Comodoro Rivadavia, you can enjoy the extense beach and the multiple summer sports like 4-wheel driving.
Cerro Avanzado in 4x4 Puerto Madryn
An excellent alternative to live adventure in the city of Puerto Madryn is to go on an excursion through winding debris roads and gigantic dunes in a 4x4 vehicle.
Voyage in 4 x4 to Tiraxi Jujuy
A strange scenario, to only 37 km of the capital county, San Salvador of Jujuy for an on the way to ideal mountain for tourism risks.
Tourism 4 x4 in The Big Salinas Jujuy
After traveling 60 kilometers until Purmamarca, from San Salvador of Jujuy, for the route 9, takes the route 52 toward the northwest one and there a white horizon, that of the Big Salinas is glimpsed ...
Trip in 4 x4 in Anjullón La Rioja
Trip for an area of the county that is ideal for the rest and the view of the nature. In the area they can be carried out cavalcades, walks and fishing
Circuit Lost City in the National Park Talampaya La Rioja
In the National Park Talampaya, maximum pride of the riojanos at geographical level, is Lost City, the most extensive circuit in Talampaya. Its journey, as that of the whole park, is a trip to the beg...
The Reservation of the Payunia in a 4 x 4 Malargüe
At first sight, this Provincial Reservation is a deserted inabarcable, a surprising volcanic landscape in the south of the county.
Voyage in 4 x 4 to the Mines of Picardo Gral. Alvear
Walk for a lead mine and silver that at the present time this inactive one that was in production among the years 1900 and 1940
An unique weekend in the route of the Araucaria San Martín de los Andes
In Neuquén, the araucarias grow naturally from Copahue to the north until San Martin from the Andes to the south, extending in more density in the department Aluminé. In this area, also, it was transf...
Trip 4x4 to Chipauquil San Antonio Oeste
This walk this to 165 km of San Antonio West (115 km for km National Route 23) and other 51 kms for RP60, they are 51 km from Valcheta until the nascent of the homonymous stream.
To the Corona Hills in 4x4 San Antonio Oeste
This walk this to 165 km of San Antonio West ( 115 km for km National Route 23) and other 160 kms from Valcheta for RP 60, for three days, with some print tracts and tranquera (continuing from Chipauq...
Adventures in 4 x 4 for Bariloche San C. de Bariloche
For those that one doesn't walk with small, and they prefer the strong emotions and the sports outdoors, they don't have more than to choose the Patagonia.
Bariloche in Autumn and the forests to the red color San C. de Bariloche
For many the autumn is the best time to visit Bariloche due to the contrast of colors that they present its forests. To the target of the snowed summits and the green of the leafy forests, they are ad...
Going for a walk in fourtrax in Las Grutas Las Grutas
In this tourist village, with marked mediterranean style, you will have the possibility to carry out a tempting walk in cuatriciclo, for the different and attractive areas that surround to the spa.
A trip in 4x4 in Las Grutas Las Grutas
From Las Grutasthey can be carried out touching trips of Tourism it Risks that they cover different itineraries
Fourtrax in Bariloche San C. de Bariloche
Treking, ski, parapente, fishes, view... in summary, Bariloche. Countless activities, indefinite quantity of places where we can enjoy this magnificent city cordillerana.
Circuit of the Valleys Calchaquíes Salta
From the city of it Salta, this journey of 530 kilometers, integrates the beauty of the nature with thegreat culture of the county.
Vicunas sanctuary in the National Park San Guillermo San juan
It is the place more far from San Juan and until today a handful of visitors has only discovered its treasures. Vicuña earth and puma where the nature is erected proud and immaculate.
Voyages 4x4 in the mountains of Merlo Merlo
The voyages in vehicles of double traction are the ideal means to visit places of difficult access or non conventional circuits.
Mining tourism in San Luis San Luis
In this walk we will travel to the heart of the mountain feeling their to palpitate, traveling around 1000 meters for the tunnels of the Mine of The Condors or to visit the First floor of Véliz (slate...
4x4 Trip to El Calafate Balcony El Calafate
In El Calafate you can travel through the patagonian steppe in an off-road circuit to some imposing and exclusive landscapes where no other motor vehicle has driven before in a 4x4 pick up fully equip...
Trip in 4 x 4 for the River Tafí Tafi del Valle
In Tafí of the Valley we will have the possibility to combine the echo-tourism with the tourism it risks in a vehicle 4 x 4 through a circuit off road with characteristic special.
4 x 4 in The Cain San C. de Bariloche
This walk allows to go to the plain or stipend of Somuncurá. , in which will see a pleasant profile mesetario and of serranías. In this region one of the biggest concentrations in gumps of the Patagon...
Tourism risks from Engineer Jacobacci San C. de Bariloche
These five walks dog be carried out from engineer Jacobacci, they plows ideal to carry out in 4 x 4, it is an area semi desertica that was covered in the antiquity for the ocean with what plows fossil...
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