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Trip in 4 x4 in Anjullón







Trip for an area of the county that is ideal for the rest and the view of the nature. In the area they can be carried out cavalcades, walks and fishing
The coast riojana is formed by a series of silent towns, surrounded of pines, walnuts and poplars that hide dozens of located houses to the foot of the Velasco's mountains. The region possesses an ideal microclimate to be devoted to the rest and the view of the nature. The activities that he/she offers the place include cavalcades, trekking for the mountains and fishing of trouts in the streams of the gulches. At the end of the circuit, Santa Vera's town Cruz possesses a strange stone castle and cement that it submerges us in a story of fairies.
In 4 x 4 for Anjullón


Juan Hermógenes Herrera is a 36 year-old youth that was born and it grew in Anjullón. the following town of The Costa riojana., and he/she i to pioneer of the adventure tourism in the region.

More than one year recently it inaugurated the camping site Condor Cradle that serves as base for the circuits of trips in 4 x 4, motocross, trekking and cavalcades that he/she offers to the visitors.

With him we go in the 4 x 4 for a wavy one on the way to rubble toward the Gulch of Anjullón, in full Sierra of the Velasco. To our side they parade poplars twenty meters high, durazneros, walnuts and sallows. Each point appears a condor that is sighted as an almost immobile point floating in the heights.

We advance for a parallel road to the water channel that gets off the gulch, among a profusion of wild plants that grow to the side of the slope. Finally we arrive at the river, where the trekking begins. The walk is not very demanding and there is hardly ascent, but it requires of a lot of attention and genius to cross to the jumps, of rock in rock, on the water.

In certain places the stream forms deep pozones where they are come the trouts clearly swiming at full speed. The river leaves encasing more and more, and the forest is also made very thick, with climbings and thorny branches. Numerous slopes appear to the sides feeding the main bed of the gulch. The duration of the walk determines it the tourist to its pleasure, and many find" its place" and they decide to stay fishing trouts there.

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